Product Videos

Sometimes the best marketing videos aren’t ads. To expand your brand’s reach without breaking the bank, our advice is this: don’t start with commercials. Instead of competing with giant commercial budgets, think about beautifully produced videos that explain what your product is and how it works or let your customers know a little bit more about your business and how it can best help them.

These videos have the added benefit of being highly shareable across any of your chosen platforms.



If you want a high quality but cost effective commercial for TV or web we can make it for you.


We work with you on concept, script, shoot, edit and delivery to provide a commercial that won’t cost the earth. We also handle the commercials approvals process.

Live Streaming


From single camera to multi-camera broadcast and anything in between we can provide high quality live streaming for almost any budget. Corporate events, product launches, sports events. If you have internet, we can broadcast it.

We have state of art live streaming equipment and a history and knowledge base that goes back over many years of broadcasting live events.



We have four edit suites and an in-house editor, a highly experienced post production director and technical expertise to take your footage and turn it into content.

Hourly Rate $172.50 (incl. GST) – Editor included

Day Rate $1200 (incl. GST) – Editor included

Weekly Rate $4600 (incl. GST) – Editor included

We dry hire our edit suites at a competitive price. Please contact us for pricing.


We have onboard camera systems designed for use in motorsport with remote stop start functions and the ability to plug into audio sources such as intercoms.

We hire units but also can provide at technician if required.